MegaSTAR Bloggers Are Making Fortunes Online

Dr. Mark Zupo

It wasn’t until I did a little checking into my blog statistics that I discovered something interesting about my success. In fact, I found that I was a success despite my “playing” around with the blog. I was earning money from my blog. I did some more research to find that many of the blogs that I follow were making thousands a month for their owners too. Part-time!


These “Super-Bloggers” were doing the same thing I was but pulling in the bucks’ big time like I wasn’t. Why?

Weblogs, Inc. is believed to be making more-than $30-Million dollars a month!
Some blogs have been sold for more-than $15-Million dollars. Go figure.


Who knows if that data is correct? I don’t. 
Who knows what you can make as a blogger? I don’t.
Do the research for yourself. Check it out for yourself. See for yourself of it is true. When you discover the truth…GET EXCITED!

Start a blog and see the results for yourself. No one can determine what you can or will make. Like me, you’ll probably lose money somewhere along the way. Maybe all the way. My results are not typical, and neither will yours be. 

There are more than 409-million blogs. Guess how many make money. Your guess is a s good as mine. What do the blogs that make money do, (like mine), that you should do too?

Let’s see. 

1.    Advertising other people’s products (Banners)

Allowing people to place banners on your blog-site to advertise their products and services. A huge and popular method of generating income.

2.    Affiliate Marketing Sales (Affiliates)

Granting affiliates, the right to sell your services and products as well as advertise your blog for free can pull in about 40% more profit. This is a game changer.  

3.    Pay Per Click (Money for clicks)
Google AdSense is a great way to generate free income from minimal advertising through Google. They love it and you will too. 

4.    Product Marketing Sales (Our Own Products and Services)
Create a product or service and advertise it on your own advertising agency website…your Blog! Wow, what a great idea. Have popular traffic and it is a great way to generate income. Done right, it can be very lucrative. 

5.    Re-Blog Clicks and Redirects
Who says, “like for like”? Give in to be a sole entity and help other bloggers find their traffic panacea too. Re-blog their great content, shar their content posts and review their blog to produce a following traffic explosion.

Whatever you do, do it. Don’t stop. Post and repost. Engage and be engaged. Share and share alike. Then add a little social interest with your blog and products. There are no guarantees but who knows…you might be a “Mega-Star” blogger this year!

Dr. Mark Zupo is one of the world’s top Internet entrepreneurial and marketing coach and mentor to thousands thanks to his “Multiple Streams Mastery Program,” which reveals passive, online income generation. Mark is also an American author having written more than 23 books on motivation, leadership and personal development. 

Dr. Zupo’s mission is to help others find their successes. 

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