Dr. Mark Zupo, is an Red-Blooded, All-American, down-to-earth entrepreneur and CEO of Mark Zupo International, a group of companies and joint ventures with interests in publishing, marketing, training, consulting and internet commerce.

Self-described as a serial business entrepreneur, Mark’s first venture was at age 13, when he created a barter company in Pennsylvania called, Trade-Mark. He ventured into publishing and e-commerce at the beginning of network marketing in the early 1970’s.

At age 25, Mark and Kay created their first published book called, “How to Make Money with Your Computer.” It was a five-page booklet that was photocopied and mailed to people who responded to an ad in Entrepreneur Magazine. Mark has since self-published more than 23 books on Internet Marketing, Business Strategy, Aviation Safety, Marketing and Self Improvement.

Mark’s wife, Kay, followed her passion for travel and became a cruise travel agent. That gave them the opportunity to travel the world on cruise ships virtually free. Mark and Kay have sailed on more than 160 cruises and traveled to more than 106 countries around the world.

Sadly, Kay died of a rare form of cancer in 2005. She was a beacon of love and support to him for 31 years. 

At age 40, Mark lost his only son to an auto accident and was devastated. At age 45, Mark lost everything else — his wife to Cancer, his business to bankruptcy, his home to foreclosure. He also lost his part-time passion job as a corporate pilot. It was difficult without his wife, without his son and without a business, but, he managed to pick up the pieces and challenge fate to become the success he is today. 

When all seemed hopeless, Mark’s never wavering attitude and absolute passion for success allowed him to build his business helping other people to the rock-solid coaching and mentoring practice that it is today.

It wasn’t long after that his true calling was revealed, speaking. Mark has developed his speaking skills to an absolute performance of motivation and inspiration to anyone within shot of his voice. He has remained a leader and mentor to many helping others to improve their lives and empowerment for personal success.

Mark is a true “Servant-Leader” and the founder of the acclaimed and sought after coaching program, JumpStart Internet Marketing Learning Process. As a coach and mentor, Mark has found his passion and serves to consult individuals and small businesses to achieve goals and reach higher levels of success.

Today, as founder and President of Multiple Streams Mastery training and Mark Zupo International Media Group, Mark directs joint ventures in Self-Publishing, Internet Marketing, Personal Training, Small Business Consulting, Professional Speaking and Internet Commerce.

A methodical life-long student, writer and self-published author, Mark is the author or co-author of more than 23 books, training programs, coaching programs, audio and video productions. He is an in-demand writer, speaker and trainer online and in person throughout the US and Internationally.

A sought-after keynote and seminar speaker, Mark delivers impactful and informative presentations that motivate, empower and inspire his audiences. His innovative ideas and steadfast business strategies have been tried, tested and proven. Mark brings together his personal stories and experiences with real-world losses and successes to create a memorable, motivating event for everyone within the sound of his voice.

Once you have experienced Mark’s presentations, you are motivated, inspired and empowered for action. He has the ability to transform from a performer to an educator for the rare opportunity to experience what he calls, ‘Edu-Tainment”.

Mark is a great choice to open any meeting or seminar with a unique mix of humor, pathos, motivation and inspiration to empower an audience to achieve successes that were once dreams.

A master of the, “How To”, Dr. Mark is a dynamic presenter of methods and processes for numerous tasks to achieve results in any social or business arena.

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